Share the Care House was established in 2011 by Jennifer Macaulay, a nurse practitioner at Mt. Carmel Klinic. Despite Canada having free health care for all, Jennifer noted time again how hard it was for patients with severe financial needs to access the specialized medical equipment they needed in Winnipeg. With this in mind she founded SCH out of her garage. Within six months SCH had served over 170 patients and St. Boniface Hospital was regularly referring patients to Jennifer. Realizing that the organization was quickly growing bigger than she could handle herself, Jennifer established a board of directors and SCH received its charitable status in January 2012. James McMahon, a new board member, donated SCH’s current building as a permanent location for the charity to house its equipment in March of 2012.

Since gaining its charitable status, SCH has received donations from more than 6700 Winnipeggers and has helped more than 5000 patients in need of financial assistance. Through monetary donations, SCH has also been able to help more than 35 financially unstable patients who required specialized equipment that was unavailable through the SCH inventory for one reason or another. Patients have received everything from compression socks to walkers to motorized scooters.

SCH is proud to be a grass roots charity that focuses on Winnipeggers helping other Winnipeggers. We have received several recognitions and honours over the past two years for our work (including a Good Samaritan Award from the WRHA) and look forward to continuing to expand in the near future.